James A. Weaver - I.S.A. Certified Arborist

James A. Weaver is an I.S.A. Certified Arborist with many years of consulting experience on a wide variety of projects. His consulting projects have ranged from diagnosis and treatment of sick and/or damaged trees to protecting trees by preventive measures during site development to court appearances for clients as an expert witness.

Some of our consulting services are as follows:
•    Diagnosis & Treatment
•    Site Preparation / Tree Damage Prevention / Salvaging Root Systems
•    Tree Inventories
•    Inspections & Hazardous Tree Evaluations
•    Grand Tree Status Measurements

Call us today at (813) 837-3992 if you are concerned about the health of your trees.


If you are getting ready to start a construction project at your home or property we will be happy to work with your contractor to help protect your trees.


If you have had a recent construction project and are concerned that your trees were not protected during the process, call us today for an inspection.

"Think Before You Cut"